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Category - Neuroscience

This is Your Brain on Implicit Bias

This is Part II in the 3 part series of posts on implicit bias In part I, we looked at what it means to validate diverse students’ experience with implicit bias. Culturally responsive teachers believe diverse students when they tell us that they are being rudely insulted, ignored, or profiled by adults because of their…

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Why We Need a Framework for Culturally Responsive Teaching

Just recently I lead a seminar for a group of instructional coaches and BTSA support providers and I asked them to define culturally responsive teaching. It’s usually how I start my workshops. Actually, I got them into groups of 5 and asked each group to draw me a picture of the process (Robert Marzano would…

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The First Six Weeks_Create a Counter Narrative

This is the second in a series of a six part series on setting up the school year to be more culturally responsive. In my last post, I shared that trust is the secret weapon of the culturally responsive teacher and it is the first thing that needs to be cultivated in the opening weeks…

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How to Approach Testing Season as a Culturally Responsive Educator

It’s testing season again.  Much of my work with teachers has slowed down because they’ve turned their attention to getting ready to administer the state achievement test. Even in my house, we are not immune to the realities of testing season. Recently, a notice came from school reminding me that testing is coming.  When I…

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The Neuroscience of Call and Response

In my last post, I talked about call and response as the first tool in our instructional CR toolkit. Whether you use call and response for academic review or to promote thinking, it is important to understand the neuroscience behind the tool so that it doesn’t seem so mysterious or magical. Instead, it can help…

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Brain-based Learning vs. Kidney-based Learning: Which is Best?

I know. You read the headline and thought, what the heck is this “kidney-based” learning? Kidney-based learning. It sounds silly. Well, I think the term “brain-based” learning” sounds just as silly. Come on. All learning takes place in the brain, right? There is no “toe-based” learning or teaching. Yet, I hear this phrase “brain-based learning”…

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Three Reasons Why Getting Urban Students Ready for Rigor is Critical to Common Core Success

Wow. It’s my first blog post. I wondered for days where to start. So I’m starting with the why. Why is getting students in our lowest performing inner city schools ready for rigor important? Seems like a no-brainer. You might ask isn’t a rich curriculum and strong instruction enough? From my experience in the classroom…

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