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Category - Implicit bias

Breaking Out of The Bilingualism Double Standard

In the United States, we have a double standard regarding bilingualism in school. This double standard is a result of the implicit bias we have around immigrant students from non-European countries, especially those from Latin America. We approach linguistically diverse students learning English with a deficit mindset.  I cannot tell you the number of teachers…

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Four Tools for Interrupting Implicit Bias

I will never forget my first experience with implicit bias as an undergraduate at University of California, Berkeley. I had turned in my first in-class writing assignment in Medieval Literature. I loved the topic of courtly love and whatnot. The professor was an older White man and nice enough. There were no other people of…

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This is Your Brain on Implicit Bias

This is Part II in the 3 part series of posts on implicit bias In part I, we looked at what it means to validate diverse students’ experience with implicit bias. Culturally responsive teachers believe diverse students when they tell us that they are being rudely insulted, ignored, or profiled by adults because of their…

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