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Category - Common Core Standards

Five Point Action Plan for Teaching Racially Sensitive Literature

Last week I led a seminar for a group of high school English teachers on how to teach racially sensitive (or racially charged) literature. Many were teaching The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which uses the n-word 231 times. In their school district, the book is “restricted,” meaning they cannot teach it without going through mandatory…

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Culturally Responsive Teaching versus the Pedagogy of Poverty

It’s almost August. That means we are beginning to think about how we are setting up our classrooms.  We start thinking about the details and the technical parts of lesson planning, classroom decorating, and other mundane stuff. It’s at this time of the year that it’s important to remember that becoming a culturally responsive teacher…

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Can Ability Grouping Ever Be A Good Thing for Equity?

Turns out ability grouping – once identified as a key source of the achievement gap – is making a comeback.  Well, in reality, seems that as a classroom practice, it never really went away. When I read the headline of a recent EdWeek article,  “More Teachers Group Students By Ability– Study finds oft-disparaged approach rising,”…

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Four Things to Definitely Do in Black History Month

In the last post I offered five things to stop doing during Black History Month.  Even though we are more than half way through the February, there’s still time to use this month to deepen cultural responsiveness in both your content and practice. Here are four things that will not only highlight Black history but…

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