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Category - Closing the achievement gap

No, DeAndre. It’s Not Your Imagination: What the DOJ Report Tells Us about Implicit Bias and Validation

Photo by Michael Fleshman/Flickr This is the first in a 3-part series on implicit bias and CRT.  val·i·date ˈvaləˌdāt/ (verb) To demonstrate or support the truth (of something) Synonyms: corroborate, back up, bear out, authenticate In culturally responsive teaching, validation is not so much a strategy as it is a foundational stance we take. It…

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Five Point Action Plan for Teaching Racially Sensitive Literature

Last week I led a seminar for a group of high school English teachers on how to teach racially sensitive (or racially charged) literature. Many were teaching The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which uses the n-word 231 times. In their school district, the book is “restricted,” meaning they cannot teach it without going through mandatory…

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Why We Need a Framework for Culturally Responsive Teaching

Just recently I lead a seminar for a group of instructional coaches and BTSA support providers and I asked them to define culturally responsive teaching. It’s usually how I start my workshops. Actually, I got them into groups of 5 and asked each group to draw me a picture of the process (Robert Marzano would…

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Are We Ready for the Browning of Public Schools?

Tis’ the season. Backpacks, pencils, and PD.  That’s why this post is two days late.  On back-to-back days, I found myself in front of a room full of eager teachers who were genuinely excited to be back. A few days before in between my prep, I came across an article by the Pew Research Center…

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