Culturally responsive teaching isn’t simply a bag of tricks or a set of “best practices.” It’s a process for activating greater engagement and rigorous learning.

School districts, schools of Ed, charter school organizations, and school boards are demanding that teachers support culturally and linguistically diverse students effectively – by being more culturally responsive. It shows up in teachers’ professional standards, in school mission statements, and just about everywhere they’re talking about the achievement gap.

The truth is that they give us too little information on how to do it right. Most of us have had a few one-shot professional development workshops on equity, multicultural education, or culturally responsive teaching. We leave with a strategy or two to use, but no real understanding of how culturally responsive teaching really works or how culture and race play into it.

That’s why we need to learn the fundamentals.


Build a Solid Foundation for Culturally Responsive Teaching

The Culturally Responsive Teacher’s

virtual bootcamp

Six Weeks to Greater Responsiveness


I designed the Culturally Responsive Teacher’s Virtual Boot Camp to help you understand the core principles and practices behind the concept of culturally responsive teaching as well as learn the basic moves for operationalizing it in your classroom.

Why A Boot Camp?

Think about a real boot camp for new military recruits. Focused training for a condensed period of time. New recruits receive several weeks of training in the essential skills, techniques and attitudes necessary to enable them to do their duty in the most effective manner possible. Completion of basic training leads to a significant increase in competence and confidence.  It gives them a solid foundation around the fundamentals.

That’s what The Culturally Responsive Teacher’s Virtual Boot Camp hopes to accomplish. It’s a 6-week online intensive learning experience designed for immediate application in the classroom.


Who Is It For?

This is for any teacher who is tired of hearing the term “culturally responsive” used as some clichéd catch phrase or classroom cure all. And instead wants a clearer understanding of what it actually means to be culturally responsive and put in place some core practices, not just a hodge-podge of strategies.



Teachers Like You

“Sometimes its unclear to me just how culture leads to more rigorous learning. What about race? – Where does that fit in?” You need to have a framework to help organize practices. In addition, you need to understand how the brain uses culture to program itself and the role racial status plays in how the brain handles stress, which switches off learning. In the end, you need to know how to take this information and translate it into positive classroom culture and empowering instructional practices.

Instructional Coaches Too

“I want to understand it from the teacher’s point of view.”
 In order to set up a productive coaching partnership, it’s important to have a common language and some common frame of reference. You’ll deepen your own understanding of how the brain uses cultural tools based on oral traditions to process information.




Boot Camp Will Help You:

  • Reframe student disengagement as a protective signal and know what to do to re-engage them.
  • Widen your own cultural lens so you don’t mistake cultural differences for intellectual deficits
  • Recognize the cultural capital and cultural learning tools students bring to school with them
  • Learn to match and complement their cultural learning tools with complimentary scaffolds.

The Program Includes:

  • Weekly modules complete with easily digestible videos, downloadable tools, lesson-planning templates, and action guides, and additional resources for deeper learning.
  • A private FaceBook learning community where you can connect with other educators working to build their will, skill, and knowledge to be more culturally responsive.
  • Weekly coaching calls, where you can connect with me and get your questions answered or share your new insights and experiences from the classroom. These are live calls where you can ask me anything about how to build a solid foundation for culturally responsive teaching.
  • Expand your personal learning network beyond these 6 weeks


The course begins August 17, 2015

Registration is Open

Cost $97.00

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