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Archive - 2016

Why You Need to Diversify Your Diverse Books

The other day, as I scrolled through my Twitter feed, I noticed that a lot of schools kicked off Black History Month with teachers, special guests, and even superintendents reading Black-themed books to groups of children. They posted pictures of a sea of brown, black, and white little faces, sitting cross-legged on the floor looking…

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Be the Change You Wish to See in the Classroom

It’s MLK Day and the perfect time to start a conversation about how close the knowing-doing gap around improving teaching and learning for diverse students through culturally responsive teaching. We hear it all the time.  We need to get test scores up. We have to improve reading proficiency. Let’s raise math achievement. As educators, we have…

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Five Teacher Mindsets that Undermine CRT

Well, 2015 was an exciting year. It was so exciting that it’s kept me away from this space for a while. I know you thought I’d gone on some walkabout. Well, I did, sort of. This same time last year, my book, Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain had been out only six weeks. As…

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