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Archive - April 2013

How to Approach Testing Season as a Culturally Responsive Educator

It’s testing season again.  Much of my work with teachers has slowed down because they’ve turned their attention to getting ready to administer the state achievement test. Even in my house, we are not immune to the realities of testing season. Recently, a notice came from school reminding me that testing is coming.  When I…

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Can Ability Grouping Ever Be A Good Thing for Equity?

Turns out ability grouping – once identified as a key source of the achievement gap – is making a comeback.  Well, in reality, seems that as a classroom practice, it never really went away. When I read the headline of a recent EdWeek article,  “More Teachers Group Students By Ability– Study finds oft-disparaged approach rising,”…

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Managing the Dynamics of Difference

I was working with a group of teachers recently around building their culturally responsive toolkit.  One teacher was having trouble thinking about how to manage all the different cultures in her classroom.  “I have at least 13 different cultures and languages represented in my classroom.  I can’t manage all of those different needs,” she said….

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The Neuroscience of Call and Response

In my last post, I talked about call and response as the first tool in our instructional CR toolkit. Whether you use call and response for academic review or to promote thinking, it is important to understand the neuroscience behind the tool so that it doesn’t seem so mysterious or magical. Instead, it can help…

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