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Archive - February 2013

What We Can Learn From Jeopardy About Identity Safety

This past week two things crossed my desk that didn’t seem to have anything in common — a new study about the merits of self-affirmation for Latino students and an update on a recent episode of the game show Jeopardy.  I saw this blurb in EdWeek about the values-affirmation study and immediately made a connection…

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Four Things to Definitely Do in Black History Month

In the last post I offered five things to stop doing during Black History Month.  Even though we are more than half way through the February, there’s still time to use this month to deepen cultural responsiveness in both your content and practice. Here are four things that will not only highlight Black history but…

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Five Things Not to Do During Black History Month

Well, it’s February again.  And you know what that means…Yep, it’s Black History Month.  Folks are asking if we should even have a Black History Month.  That’s neither here nor there.  What I do know is there are some things we will want to avoid if it’s to have any significance at all. Here’s five…

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