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Archive - July 2012

Beyond Flesh-Colored Crayons: The Four Components of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

This is the second in a four part series on culturally responsive pedagogy. The first post looked at the myths around culturally responsive pedagogy (CRP). This one looks at its key components. I’ve always been an equity-focused, social justice educator since I cut my teeth on teaching as a writing tutor and tutor trainer at…

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Strange Bedfellows: Hip-Hop, Vocabulary Development, and the Common Core

As a former English teacher and a forever writer, I love hip-hop lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, not the gangsta rap full of gunplay, misogynistic images and fowl language. (Remember when a hoe was simply a garden tool?). No, I’m talking about real hip-hop – consciousness raisin’, power to the people hip-hop. There is a…

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5 Common Myths about Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

This is the first in a series of posts demystifying culturally responsive pedagogy. This past school year, my colleague and I spent one day a month with a group of BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment) support providers at one of our local county offices of education. These support providers were veteran teachers who coach,…

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Building Our Muscle to Be Culturally Competent — What Does It Take?

Despite that it was a mild summer day outside today (I found this out when I left the office for lunch), I spent the morning with four of my fabulous colleagues (brilliant coaches every one of them) huddled around a white board designing a new program for instructional coaches related to building teacher capacity for…

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True Grit: Can We Teach Students to Be Persistent Learners?

When I think of Alvin Toffler’s quote, it reminds me of Briana, a 4th grader living in the predominately African American and Latino low-income community in East Oakland. Her grandmother asked me to come over and help her with her reading. I could see that she had a sharp wit and quick mind, but she…

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